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Quality Street - 265g Quality Street - 265g $0.00 Buy Now
Roses - 187g Roses - 187g $0.00 Buy Now
Gift Certificate Gift Certificate $1.00 Buy Now
Crackers - individual Crackers - individual $2.00 Buy Now
Jelly Tots Giant Tube Jelly Tots Giant Tube $4.00 Buy Now
Maltesers Giant Tube Maltesers Giant Tube $4.00 Buy Now
Milky Bar Buttons Tube Milky Bar Buttons Tube $4.00 Buy Now
Minstrels Giant Tube Minstrels Giant Tube $4.00 Buy Now
Smarties Giant Tube Smarties Giant Tube $4.00 Buy Now
Fruit Pastilles Giant Tube Fruit Pastilles Giant Tube $4.50 Buy Now
Playing Cards - Christmas Carols Playing Cards - Christmas Carols $6.00 Buy Now
Robertson's Mincemeat 411g Robertson's Mincemeat 411g $6.50 Buy Now
Cadbury Whole Nut 200g Cadbury Whole Nut 200g $7.25 Buy Now
Cadbury Tree Decorations Cadbury Tree Decorations $8.00 Buy Now
Christmas Cake Slices - Mr. Kipling Christmas Cake Slices - Mr. Kipling $8.50 Buy Now
Christmas Slab Cake 400g Christmas Slab Cake 400g $10.00 Buy Now
Robertson's Mincemeat 1.362k Robertson's Mincemeat 1.362k $13.00 Buy Now
OpiesPickled Walnuts OpiesPickled Walnuts $16.00 Buy Now
Quality Street 750g Tub Quality Street 750g Tub $23.00 Buy Now

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1 x Cadbury Fruit & Nut 49g
1 x Roses tin 660g
1 x Bounty Dark Chocolate
1 x Quality Street - 265g
1 x Minstrels Giant Tube
1 x Cadbury Big Taste Triple Chocolate Sensation 300g
1 x Gift Certificate
1 x Cadbury Tree Decorations
1 x Crunchie Rocks
1 x Branston Pickle 360g
1 x Garibaldi 100g
1 x Bounty Milk Chocolate
1 x Ovaltine 200g
1 x Yorkshire Gold Tea - 40 bags
1 x McVitie's Digestives 250g
1 x Daddies Sauce 400g
1 x Colman's Sheperd's Pie Mix
1 x Bisto Granules 170g Chip Shop Curry Sauce
1 x Cadbury Whole Nut 49g
1 x Cadbury Giant Buttons Pouch
1 x Roses - 187g
1 x Bournville Bar 44.5g.
1 x Bisto Granules 170g Vegetable
1 x Robertson's Mincemeat 1.362k
1 x Bisto Granules 170g chicken
1 x Bisto Granules 170g beef
1 x Cadbury Jelly Popping Candy 47g
1 x Fruit Pastilles Giant Tube
1 x McVitie's Ginger Nut 250g
1 x Colman's Lamb Hot Pot
1 x Quality Street 750g Tub
1 x Cadbury Buttons
1 x Colman's Horseradish Sauce
1 x Crackers - individual
1 x P.G. Tips Decaf Tea - 40 bags
1 x Aero
1 x Coffee Crisp 50g
1 x Colman's Parsley Sauce
1 x Colman's Chicken Chasseur
1 x Bisto - 16 oz Box
1 x Crunchie
1 x Jelly Tots Giant Tube
1 x Colman's Chicken Casserole
2 x Cadbury Whole Nut 200g
1 x Milky Bar Buttons Tube
1 x Robertson's Mincemeat 411g
1 x Barry's Gold Blend (red box) - 80 bags
1 x Colman's Bread Sauce Mix
1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk
1 x OpiesPickled Walnuts
1 x Bournville Bar 200g.
1 x Colman's Beef Bourguignon
1 x Branston's Smooth Pickle 360g
1 x Colman's Beef Stroganoff
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